2In 021, the project of "new energy rear axle active and passive gear" with an annual output of 500000 sets will be constructed, with an additional land of 44 mu

    20000 square meters of factory buildings will be built.



    December: Phase II construction of Hubei Wanke Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was completed.




    Hubei Laohekou City established Hubei Yisheng Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

    Some products of the original Hubei Wanke Auto Parts Co., Ltd. will be operated independently.



    September: Acquisition of Zhengzhou Zhitong Auto Parts Co., Ltd



    August: Hubei Wanke Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in Laohekou, Hubei.

    At the call of Laohekou government, we went back to our hometown to start our own business, and built a new factory area of 65 mu to engage in the production and sales of automobile chassis parts.



    March: Henan Fengshen Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in Zhengzhou, Henan.

    It was initially established to supply parts of automobile chassis with Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.