The trade union sends cool



On the morning of August 14, 2020, the sky was clear, the hot sun was shining directly on the earth, and the outdoor temperature was as high as 35 degrees. Mi Zhiguang, Vice Chairman of Laohekou Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and Wei Caiyan, Trade Union Director, went to Hubei Wanke Auto Parts Co., Ltd. to visit the front-line employees, regardless of the heat and summer.
The workers took one piece of milk, mineral water, mung beans, instant noodles, towels, and sunstroke prevention medicine after another. Their sweaty faces were filled with smiles as bright as the sun. Looking at the trade union leaders who were busy unloading their clothes soaked in sweat, our hearts were filled with gratitude. Thank you for the good policies of the Party and the government, the good leadership of Laohekou Federation of Trade Unions, and the honor of joining the trade union family.