Party branch of Hubei Wanke Auto Parts Co., Ltd.: promote "San'an Action" and help high-quality development



Hubei Wanke Auto Parts Co., Ltd., founded in August 2011, is a new professional auto parts manufacturer with 180 employees. In December 2018, the Company's Party branch was established, with a total of 11 Party members, including 7 ex servicemen and 6 re employed Party members in bankrupt and restructured enterprises.
Since this year, the Party branch has insisted on promoting the "three security actions" as the top priority to improve the Party building and promote the development of enterprises. It has recruited five categories of Party members, become an enterprise supporting the army, strengthen the battle fort, grasp the cohesion, set up demonstration posts, and promote excellence, so as to stabilize the rudder and protect the navigation for promoting the high-quality development of enterprises.


 One branch, one fortress
Take social responsibility and become an enterprise supporting the military
Since its establishment in 2011, Wanke has grown in the past eight years, benefiting from the high attention of the municipal party committee and the municipal government and the strong support of all sectors of society. At the same time, the company took the initiative to fulfill its social responsibilities, organized and participated in two special job fairs of the city wide "Three Safety Actions" and "Second Entrepreneurship". According to production needs, it has successively recruited 10 ex servicemen and 6 re employed employees of bankrupt and restructured enterprises as enterprise employees, Timely handle the transfer of organizational relationship for them, and bring 7 ex servicemen members into the management of the company's Party branch. The company was awarded the title of the city's excellent "military support enterprise" by the municipal party committee.
For newly recruited ex servicemen and re employed employees of bankrupt and restructured enterprises, the company strives to improve their employment skills by sending them out for further study, inviting them in for guidance, and face-to-face communication, so as to enable them to adapt to new needs as soon as possible and be able to undertake new missions.



Grasp the cohesion and strengthen the battle fort
  Thematic study and discussion and life meeting were organized to follow up and study the spirit of the superior, timely convey the company's deployment, strengthen the exercise of party spirit, and gather ideological consensus;


  Focusing on the Party building culture in the workshop - stressing the Party spirit and taking responsibility rather than contributing to promote development
Set up demonstration posts to promote excellence
Centering on the company's development goals and combining with the actual situation of party members and staff, the Party branch has extensively carried out the creation activities of "demobilized soldiers' demonstration posts" and "party members' demonstration posts" around the company. Through competition for posts, regular post evaluation and year-end post examination, it guides party members to perform their duties responsibly and become pioneers, strive for excellence and take the lead, so that the party flag can fly high in the enterprise development and the party members can shine on their posts.
In the past year, the company has successively emerged 11 members of the Communist Party and ex servicemen, including Li Xiangyun, a member of the "desperate Sanlang" ex serviceman who completed the order task and welded 80 pieces a day, Yu Yanbing, a member of the ex serviceman who stuck to his post and insisted on working with illness, to encourage and influence the company's employees to love the factory, love their posts, do their duties, and work together to promote development.
(Source: Laohekou Municipal Party Committee Organization Department Correspondent: An Mengdan Editor: Li Chenbei)