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The vehicle models equipped with air adjustable suspension will be equipped with ground distance sensors near the front and rear wheels. According to the output signal of the ground distance sensor, the trip computer will judge the height change of the vehicle body, and then control the air compressor and exhaust valve to automatically compress or extend the spring, thus reducing or increasing the chassis ground clearance, so as to increase the stability of high-speed vehicle body or the trafficability of complex road conditions.

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During daily adjustment, the air suspension will have several states.
1. Hold state. When the vehicle is lifted off the ground by the lifter, the air suspension system will close the relevant solenoid valve, and the computer will remember the body height to keep the original height after the vehicle lands:
2. Normal state, i.e. engine running state. During driving, if the body height changes beyond a certain range, the air suspension system will adjust the body height at regular intervals:
3. Wake up status. When the air suspension system is awakened by the remote key, door switch or luggage compartment lid switch, the system will check the body height through the body level sensor. If the body height is lower than the normal height to a certain extent, the air reservoir will provide pressure to raise the body to the normal height. At the same time, the air suspension can adjust the soft and hard state of the shock absorber, including soft state, normal state and hard state (also marked with comfortable, normal and sports modes), and the driver can control it through the control button in the car.

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