Passion of love, Mrs Niu is safe



On the morning of June 5, Mei Guangcai, Deputy Secretary of Wanke Branch, Jin Ming, and Ba Faqi, Chairman of the Trade Union, came to the Guangming Community of Guanghua Office and the home of Niu Zhanghui, an employee of the machining workshop of the company. Niu Zhanghui is a veteran, kind, down-to-earth, hardworking, and a rare good employee. Since Niu Zhanghui's wife was diagnosed with middle and advanced lung cancer (small cell cancer) in March this year, in order to see a doctor for her lover and provide children with school, she has moved from place to place. The debt is too high to bear, and a happy family has been in trouble. Look at your eyebrows locking
The simple and honest man sighed. Seeing the bloodless sister-in-law who was tortured by the disease, the three leaders' hearts became heavy. They asked about the treatment and difficulties in life in detail, and gave them the warmth of the organization in time.

After returning to the company, they reported their understanding and ideas to Fan Guoju, the secretary of the branch and the general manager of the company in a timely manner, which was strongly supported by Mr. Fan. Mr. Fan repeatedly stressed: Help Niu Zhanghui! As a result, a plan led by the branch and the trade union to propose love donations among employees to help the Niu Zhanghui family get through the difficulties was formed.

On June 6, the proposal for love donation was issued among the staff, which aroused a thousand waves. The proposal aroused great repercussions among the staff. Never let the disease destroy Lao Niu's family, and never watch Niu's sister-in-law suffer from the disease! Everyone extended a helping hand and gave generously. Donations are sent to the General Affairs Department one by one in the form of red envelopes for collection, and the donation of love is interpreted as the transmission of true feelings; Gather donations into the warm current of love; Write the most beautiful warm movement with the simplest donation message.
It is reported that a total of 8838.5 yuan was donated this time, and 110 people throughout the company participated in the donation. Benevolence, poverty alleviation and poverty relief are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Mutual help and saving people from danger are the times' fashion advocated by the society. It reflects the most noble quality of human beings, the most beautiful emotions and moral sentiments. A drop of water can reflect the whole sun. This love donation activity fully presented the appeal and cohesion of Wanke Branch and Wanke Trade Union, and demonstrated the full positive energy of Wanke team.