Changing the New Idea of Assistance and Helping Jiang Wan Get Out of Poverty Early



On May 19, Hubei Wanke Auto Parts Co., Ltd. attached great importance to, took the initiative to, and took active action since the city's "Two Helps and Two Supports" and "One Hundred Enterprises Helping One Hundred Villages" work promotion meeting was held. On the morning of May 26, the company sent Jin Ming, vice president of the company, and Ba Faqi together to go to Jiangwan Village, Zhangji Town, a poverty alleviation village, for a field visit, and had an in-depth conversation with Zhang Benbao, secretary of the village branch on consumer assistance issues Preliminary assistance intention has been reached in poultry purchase and bean product consumption. The next step will be to sign an agreement on the intention to help with the annual consumption, and implement the assistance as soon as possible.


Since the implementation of the targeted poverty alleviation action of "100 enterprises helping 100 villages", how to help the poor villagers get rid of poverty as soon as possible and let the villagers live a good life has always been the focus of Vanke General Manager Fan Guoju. After donating 120000 yuan in cash in 2019 to help villagers in Jiangwan Village drink reassuring water, Fan Guoju has been thinking about the transformation of the way of assistance. He clearly realized that blood transfusion assistance is not a long-term policy after all, and only hematopoietic employment assistance and industrial assistance are the fundamental solutions to the problem of poverty. He asked the HR Department of the company to pay more attention to the poor villagers when recruiting employees. Up to now, five registered poor migrant workers from Zhangwan Village, Hongshanzui Sujiahe Village, Hongshanzui Lanjiagang Village, Hongshanzui Taishanmiao Village and other poor villages have been recruited. Through pre job learning, teacher guidance, professional training and other ways, they quickly become skilled workers and job masters, with an average salary of 5000 yuan per month, The employment assistance fund is 300000 yuan.


On the basis of employment assistance, Wanke Company has formulated a consumption assistance plan according to the actual situation of the company. It will take targeted consumption assistance measures in the company's canteen food, vegetable, oil and employee welfare, and try its best to help the villages in groups, so as to help poverty alleviation achievements and achieve poverty alleviation and prosperity.