Publicity Briefing of the Association (Wanke Special Issue)



Phase I
Office of Automobile Parts Industry Association May 11, 2020
Editor's note: The tide is flat and the two sides are wide, and the wind is hanging a sail. In order to ensure the effective development of the work of the Association, through caring for and promoting members, we can understand members, promote members, serve members, integrate industry resources, and finally achieve the purpose of large-scale cooperation and collaborative development of the local industry. After being studied and approved at the president's office meeting on April 18, the Association Information Briefing (special publicity magazine) was launched weekly to introduce and publicize the members of the Association by stages, With a view to expanding the popularity of the enterprise, strengthening mutual understanding among members and increasing cooperation opportunities. Hubei Wanke Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was first introduced in this issue:
1、 Wan Ke's Story:
Hubei Wanke Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a new auto parts manufacturing enterprise, located in Laohekou Economic Development Zone, Hubei Province, on the bank of the Han River. The company covers an area of 65 mu, with a building area of 32000 square meters, and a total investment of 150 million yuan. The company has three stamping production lines, four welding assembly production lines, and two machining production lines. The company has advanced processing equipment such as plasma numerical control blanking machine tool, 2500 ton press, numerical control milling machine and imported manipulator. The company has built a physical and chemical laboratory. There are hardness, metallography, magnetic particle flaw detection, ultrasonic flaw detection, chemical analysis, fatigue test and other testing facilities.
The company now has more than 200 employees, 15 engineers and 2 senior engineers,
After seven years of training, we have cultivated a team of employees who are skilled, able to adapt to the market, respond quickly, meet customer needs and fight hard.
The company's main products include more than 400 kinds of eight series of axle housing middle section, rear cover, reinforcing ring, airbag seat, frame beam, support bracket, axle housing assembly and suspension assembly. From the initial single part to the axle housing assembly and axle assembly.
The main customers of the company are Zhengzhou Yutong Passenger Transport Company, Dongfeng (Liuzhou) Fangsheng Axle Company, Automobile Suspension Company, Dongfeng Huashen Company and other well-known domestic automobile manufacturers.
The company has continuously carried out technological transformation and innovation, and carried out transformation and upgrading. Since 2014, it has invested more than 30 million yuan to purchase numerical control and intelligent equipment, greatly improving product quality and production efficiency. The company currently has 14 utility model patents. In 2016, the company was rated as a national high-tech enterprise. The punching and welding workshop was awarded the title of "Digital Demonstration Production Line" by Xiangyang City in 2018.
The company adheres to the corporate culture of "integrity, pragmatism, efficiency and win-win", always puts customer satisfaction first, adopts international advanced management concepts, and has passed the IATF16949 quality management system certification. The enterprise management level, staff quality and product quality have reached a new level. Reliable quality and timely service have won unanimous praise from customers. In 2016 and 2017, it was rated as an excellent quality supplier and strategic supplier by Fangsheng Axle Company. In recent years, the company's business performance has continued to rise, from a sales volume of 6.5 million yuan in 2012 to a breakthrough of 100 million yuan in 2017, and the taxes handed in have increased year by year. In 2016, the company was rated as a unit with outstanding economic contributions by Laohekou Development Zone.
In line with the business philosophy of "adhering to the industry, maintaining stability, and being specialized and refined", the company plans to achieve a sales volume of 350 million yuan by 2023, contributing to the construction of one city and two centers in Laohekou City.
2、 Company Profile:



  3、 Development history



 4、 Corporate culture



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 6、 Plant display
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  (2) Stabilizer bar workshop



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